Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Obsessed Shopper Returns....

Well, I have been missing lately.  I just really haven't been in the mood to post.  It's not that I don't love the blog, but I haven't had a lot of money to shop; you know, being unemployed and all.  I love writing this blog, but I just didn't want to obsess over the materialistic things I didn't have because I didn't have money.  Does that make sense?  I think it's OK to have investment items, and want certain items, but I was worried that after awhile I would let credit card bills go in order to get a new dress or something.  So I took a break from TOS.  But now, I have a temp job that pays well let's resume the shopping.

Something I love, love, love, are the new Fossil rose gold watches.  They are extremely elegant and look more expensive than they really are. My favorite of the rose gold watches is the Multifunction Rose Gold Tone White Dial Watch priced at $125.  It's classic and modern all at the same time, with a square face and three additional dials. It's reminiscent of a men's watch but totally feminine enough for women to wear.  The color is absolutely amazing and looks great on any skin tone.  Multifunction Rose Gold Tone White Dial Watch... $125

Another item I absolutely adore is the Across the Land Dress at Anthropologie.  It's a beautiful 1950's inspired polka dot dress.  The keyhole neckline makes a really nice additional detail,and the swingy skirt will look great for some summertime dancing. When I first saw this dress I imagined myself wearing it with a really chic ponytail, a very long pearl necklace, and maybe some slip on keds so it doesn't look too "trying hard."   Yes, I have fantasized about this dress, it's that awesome.  I think they are running out of stock so get it while you can.  The Across the Land Dress $138

Well readers, that's it, till next time.  Happy Shopping!