Monday, November 22, 2010

The Unemployed Shopper

   If you've been  following either my other blog, or read my bio; you most likely know that the Obsessed Shopper is unemployed.   Unemployed = no money and no money= little /to no shopping.  I'm sure the sales people at Saks and Bergdorf's are wondering where I am.  (Seriously, I used to frequent these stores on a regular basis during my lunch hour) But alas, it was my choice to be unemployed and therefore I shall not complain about it.  However, if one likes to shop with little to no money one should get themselves to Forever 21 and
   Ahhhh Forever 21.  I love Forever 21 (F21).  If you search hard, you can find great stuff that can pass for slightly more expensive; and everything is always on trend.  At a recent trip to F21, I was impressed with a cable knit sweater I found for 19.80.  It's a long sleeved, taupe, turtleneck sweater that is extremely warm and cozy and looks more than it is.. While, I can't find the exact one I bought at the store; this one online is pretty identical.
   Another great place to find lower priced items is  When I shop online, I always search for unique pieces.  At, I recently spotted the very cute Key to My Heart Necklace.  The necklace is gold colored, 32" long, with tiny keys placed sporadically around it.  Worn with a nice v-neck top, or plaid shirt, it can make any outfit look more put-together.  The necklace is priced at $16.90 (not including shipping and handling.)  But like many online stores, offers free shipping for orders over $75 or more.  While I didn't buy the necklace myself; I saw it on someone in Soho.  Seeing it in person made me covet it so much more!
   While F21 and target younger teenage consumers, I think obsessed shoppers of all ages can find items at these stores.  Just look with an open mind and you'll find some great deals. Happy Shopping.

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